Always looking down the road, tried to do what I was told
I was always dreaming
Back seat to the elderly, have respect for authority
It all had meaning
Simple values simple needs, those that follow those that lead
It's just that easy
Try to say just how you feel, focus on what is real
It's not that easy

We arrive at a similar time
We arrive from a different place
I'm the one that will pick up the pieces
And you'll carry on with your non-descript face

Always looking down the road, rarely did what you were told
You were always scheming
Move ahead of everyone, looking out for number one
You say it's your way

Different values different needs, everyone should follow, you will lead
It's just that easy
Never say just how you feel, imagination makes it real
You find it easy

May times our paths have crossed, sometimes I felt so lost
My world was lonely
Every time you seemed so sure, what you wanted, who you were
It all had meaning
But when I realized, I'd only seen one side
I didn't know you
You've never opened up, I've only seen enough
To only judge you
Music & Lyrics by Brian Walker
Different Places
black storm rock music brian walker
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