Everybody's looking for a better direction
Everybody's looking for a better deflection
I know, we want it easy all the time
Everybody's got to get a new sense of anger
Everybody's got to get a pure sense of hunger
You keep telling me everything is fine

Everybody wants to have a cool disposition
Everybody wants to be in the best position
We know it's not that easy every time
Everybody wants to see the big picture
Everybody wants to get out of a lecture
I take it, your needs are not the same as mine

Stand up, sit down
Stand down, sit up
And you say that I'm the one that's cagey
Think fast, slow down
Take your time, now pick it up again
I'm not the one that's so crazy
Some do for one reason or another
Some don't even know why they bother
I say you should give more than you get
Some think it's just mind over matter
Some can't hear past all of the chatter
Some souls never get past all the debt

Some don't really know what they're after
Some think the best medicine's laughter
So many differences, so much the same
Some want to be the center of attention
Some can't deal with all of the tension
It's alright; you do what you do
Music & Lyrics by Brian Walker
black storm rock music brian walker
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