Another theory about conspiracy, another nail in democracy
It's all too easy, to poke holes, to find fault in everything
You can blame the talking head, misinterpret what was said
Twist a story to suit your palette of the day

You might disguise what's really on your mind, might be afraid of what you'll find
Take heart, it can't be all that bad
Certain things we'll agree to say, the sun comes up each and every day
Something to grasp on to
Don't you feel paralyzed, don't you feel victimized
Sometimes you wonder, why you feel the way you do
Don't you get penalized, don't you get vandalized
Don't let it get you, don't let it take you

Don't you think that you just might, think like a parasite
Try to milk the system, to serve mister number one
You've paid your dues, you've earned the right
Use it up; they'll let you know when you're done

Hold on, I think that I've been wrong
Sometimes it's harder to see the truth than play along
You can try for that extra mile, or simply let it all fall away
But when you weigh in, it's you that has to pay
Music & Lyrics by Brian Walker
Hold On
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