Moving through the crowd with a single minded purpose
Brushing shoulder to shoulder, trying to get where I must go
Sifting through the sounds, get a sense of my surroundings
A hyper generation, try to keep up with the flow

The blur of many faces in a sea of anonymity
Trying to be like everyone, trying to be unique
It's a fool's paradise, seek some fame and fortune
Dealing with the overwhelm, can make things look so bleak

Stay with me, I'm not the enemy
I was lost, until our shadows crossed
If we take our time, we can make the climb
Tear the rest away, we can go our way

Does it satisfy you, when you accomplish something
Are you ever happy, now that your shingle's on the wall
Do you ever stop to take a look around yourself
Or is it moving so fast, you can't drop the ball

Start it very early, the playground is waiting
Playing king of the hill, it's all about the win
Swing a little higher, hold on a little longer
Try a little harder, it builds character within
Music & Lyrics by Brian Walker
Shadows Cross
black storm rock music brian walker
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