You feel the heat, feel incomplete
You paint your own story, of what you want to do.
You empathize, under the guise
Of acting what's best for all, you really don't know.

You patronize, and criticize.
You can do it better, just ask you, I know.
A lecture, conjecture, I don't get the picture.
A brave new world, that leaves me far behind.

Well, pardon me, for saying what's on my mind
How could I offer a word to the Ys.
Say hello to the new, goodbye to the old, then doesn't matter
I don't feel anymore.
Music & Lyrics by Brian Walker
Word to the Ys
black storm rock music brian walker
Can you feel, what is so real
Shoulder the load of what I've done before

Won't hesitate, to navigate
Skirting all the issues, that you don't want to hear

Just let it roll, let it go
Worry 'bout it later, it's for someone else to cure

Speak first, think late, no need to postulate
You can boil the ocean, now there's nothing more to say

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